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Trusting Ourselves

My whole life, every thought I’ve ever had that has been accompanied by a deep inner congruence and certainty has proven to be true. Despite all the times this has been proven in my life, I still find myself doubting this at times.

I find myself challenged to sit in mindful meditation until I’m inspired to act. I keep having the thought “I should be doing something”. Accepting that thought makes room for the thought “I am doing something. I am trusting and strengthening my faith in my capacity to be open to productive inspiration.”

I’m reminded of a time many years ago when I engaged in watching my thoughts as thoughts, not engaging with them. That resulted in a spiritual development program coming into my mind. That program fueled me for quite a while. I feel “right action” at this time is to repeat the extensive mindful meditation I engaged in about 40 years ago. I’ve practiced mindful meditation every day for decades. What I’m now inspired to do is practice it even more. I anticipate this will result in more thoughts I trust and find beneficial to act on.

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