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Unify the Country

We are ONE.  The leadership we need is leadership that reflects people seeing and accepting we are ONE.

Because we are ONE, there is a win win solution to every problem.  Here are a few examples:

Fiscal responsibility versus kindness and compassion.  Health care is 18% of the economy.  Focusing on bringing the causes of disease to light would dramatically reduce health care costs.  This would go a long way to balancing the budget, and alleviate the shortage of health care workers.

Energy production versus environmental protection.  It’s in everyone’s best interest to produce energy safely and in the amount we want and need.  Energy producers need to be allowed to produce while simultaneously being responsible for any damage that production creates.

Freedom versus regulation.  We have regulations because people have chosen to act irresponsibly in the past.  The more responsible people choose to behave, the less regulation is needed. We need to regularly choose fairness over greed to warrant reduced regulation.

We thrive when we accept and act on the truth.  The truth is we are ONE and rise and fall together.

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