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Scott Friedman is on a lifelong quest to live in peace with himself. This has led him to meditate every day for over 35 years. This helped him discover the methods to understanding how to achieve our deepest dreams and realize true joy.

There are two big problems most of us have with our thinking.  First, we have a tendency to want to make bad,  uncomfortable or false thoughts go away.  Negative thoughts lose power when their existence is acknowledged and permission given for them to exist even though we choose not to act on them.  Fighting against negative thoughts or trying to ignore their existence only gives them greater power in our life.  Second, many of our thoughts are unconscious.  We are controlled by unconscious thoughts.  To have choice and freedom we must move thoughts from the unconscious to the conscious.  Thought coaching helps us accept and reduce the influence of negative thoughts while giving us a greater ability to act on positive thoughts, thereby improving our life.



Thought coaching is the process of becoming increasingly aware and accepting of our thoughts.   Our thoughts, and the life they create, automatically improve simply be being more aware and accepting of their existence.



People learn that a thought is a thought and may or may not be true. Too often we think every thought we have is accurate when it's not. Understanding a thought is only a thought makes room for more empowering and effective thoughts we can then choose to act on. My books reflect and allow you to do the same...



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