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Scott Friedman


My Story

As a lifelong meditator, I've discovered a few simple and powerful truths that serve me and others well.

The most important and pervasive among almost all perspectives is, the solution to every problem is to be more honest with ourself.

Because example is the most powerful form of leadership, I've chosen be a public example of being ever more honest with and accepting of myself.  This has allowed me relate to my coaching clients and share    with them inspiration that benefits us all.

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We create our world with our thoughts.  As our thinking improves, so does our life.  Our thinking automatically improves any time we are more aware of our thinking.

In thought coaching I assist clients in accepting more fully what their thinking is.  As this happens, new and more accurate thoughts come to mind.  Those more accurate thoughts are the solutions to the client's challenge/problem.

I offer a free introductory coaching session.  To schedule our free session send me an e mail with your available times.

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