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Healing Ourself, Healing the World

This book gives a variety of relatable examples of how being honest and accepting our self helps us and others.  One example is when relating bad news to say, "I have bad news to share with you. I wish I didn't.  And, I feel you deserve to hear the truth."  In all the years I've used this, every time the bad news was accepted well.


Insights in getting out of our own way

A wide array of ways we commonly get in our way are presented along with a tool to solve the problem.  Each is presented with a story of how I used that tool successfully in my life.


The Dynamics of Global Leadership

This book helps us more honestly accept  the influence we have in the world and how to maximize that influence.  This book is a book contest winner.


The Art of the Ethical Deal

Demonstrates how to make win/win practical in business. This book won the grand prize in the Northern California Book Festival.


My life with Angels

Investigates how to deepen our relationship with our angels  and the benefits of doing so.  It won first prize in its category in the 2018 Green Book Festival.


Believing in ourself, the master skill 

Emphasizes we have the resources within our selves to achieve  our goals.  The value of achieving any goal is the increased acceptance of our inherent abilities.


Transitioning from Zero Sum, to Win Win Thinking

Challenges us to be more honest in our thinking and accept in a practical way that we are all ONE.  Win Win thinking produces far better results than zero sum thinking ever could.


Peace the Ultimate Power 

Reminds us that every desire we have only exists because we believe that achieving that goal will bring us greater peace.


Accepting Paradox, the road to mastery

Helps us find peace by accepting the paradoxes in life. 


Negativity, what we deny controls us

Helps us accept that to be free and progress we must accept he negativity within us.  The book emphasizes that the more we acknowledge the negativity within us the more effective we can be in choosing not to act on that negativity.


Empathetic Healing, love story 

Teaches us that acceptance is the core of all healing.


Using Engagement in the Physical World as a tool for spiritual growth

Teaches us that the physical world is an accurate reflection of where we are in our spiritual growth, our acceptance of who and what we are.  The more fully we accept where we are right now, the more efficiently we move forward.


Being ONE 

Challenges us to see ourselves in others and others in us, to relate to being "one with all things".  

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