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Why Scott Friedman

​​I am a business owner or leader of an organization.

How can thought coaching help me inspire others?

Example is the most powerful form of leadership.  Share how you are learning and growing by being increasingly aware of your thoughts. Share the benefits you are currently realizing.  It's more beneficial to the organization to demonstrate that there is always room for growth and improvement, than trying to present yourself as perfect.  Your example will inspire others.


How can thought coaching help me guide change?

Thought coaching exposes thoughts that upon inspection are obviously not accurate.  Once inaccurate thoughts that currently arise in the mind are identified, there is greater freedom to not act on them.  Further, the more the incorrect thoughts are acknowledged, the more space it makes for more accurate thoughts to enter the mind.  In this way one becomes aware of better choices that were previously hidden.  

How can thought coaching help me make hard decisions?

With thought coaching, I and others have become more aware of our values.  For me, I look for ways to communicate the truth with as much kindness as I can.  The more clear I am on what matters most to me, the easier the hard decisions get.  For example, at times I'm afraid to put myself out there for fear I'll be rejected.  Being aware of that thought, I quickly recognize that if I don't put myself "out there" I have no chance at all of getting where I want to go.  

As an individual, how can thought coaching give me self-confidence?

Thought coaching helps us be more aware and accepting of who we are and what we're capable of.  In my case, I know I can come up with a speech for almost any occasion because I know others have the same basic goals and challenges I have.  Thought coaching gives us a stronger sense of our identity. With that awareness we get to experience more and more the strength and self confidence contained in "being myself".  


I rely greatly on the wisdom that has come to me through being aware of my thoughts and testing them out to see which are accurate.  I've found I can trust what I'm inspired to share when I'm in the present moment as being optimal. 


How can thought coaching help me on follow-through?

Part of what we learn in thought coaching is the value of achieving any goal is the growth that is required of us to achieve that goal.  I have a goal of having a significant positive impact in the world.  To achieve this goal I need to uncover and accept strength and wisdom that I know is within me.  At times that process of uncovering is painful and difficult.  I've sold myself short in the past and given up too soon.  The pain and suffering I created with that decision was so great I vowed I would rather die than go through giving up on myself again.  The pain of following through may be intense and severe, but it is short lived.  The suffering of giving up can last for what seems to be forever.

How can thought coaching help me stay motivated?

Thought coaching reduces internal conflict resulting in greater energy.  For all intents and purposes, we have unlimited energy.  The less it is squandered by maintaining incorrect thoughts, the more we have access to that boundless energy.  That energy keeps us healthier, makes us more effective and enriches our life from every perspective.


Can thought leadership help with people with different perspectives than mine?

The more we listen, the more we are able to find some way to empathize.  I believe there is no perspective that anyone has that I can't find some way to relate to.


I find many people blame others for their problems in life.  Even thought I don't subscribe to that perspective, I sometimes wonder if my life wouldn't have been easier if I'd had a little more guidance and wisdom shared with me as a youngster.  I can relate to and empathize with those who feel others are responsible for their problems in life, even though that isn't my dominant perspective.


What can be accomplished during one of Scott Friedman's speeches?

Listening to one of my speeches often results in people having discussions about the topics.  In more than one case, people were telling me how much they enjoyed my speech and were still thinking about the ideas presented long after the speech.    


Many of my speeches resonate a greater acceptance of the unlimited potential that exists in each of us.  People end up believing in themselves and their capabilities more.  Many people get the message that we don't have to be perfect to thrive, just be better than yesterday.


What type of lessons can an individual learn when coached by Scott Friedman?

People learn that a thought is a thought and may or may not be true.  Too often we think every thought we have is accurate when it's not.  Understanding a thought is only a thought makes room for more empowering and effective thoughts we can then choose to act on.


We learn maintaining inaccurate thoughts as being true creates stress, disease and all manner of problems.  As we discover those false limiting thoughts as thoughts, not reality,  the stress and all the problems that stress creates is reduced.


We learn that time spent in mindful meditation saves more time than it takes though improved efficiency and effectiveness.


How can my team be improved when coached by Scott Friedman?

We learn that we're better off accepting the truth than being right.  This helps put the focus on creating the optimal team outcome rather than trying to grab credit.   Paradoxically, in the end each team member gets more credit for being part of a successful team than they could ever get trying to be the "hero".

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