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A Different Assessment of Risk

Too often we don’t try because we are afraid of the pain, cost and disappointment of trying and not having it work out. Too often we ignore the risk of NOT trying.

One of my proudest moments in life was telling my father, “I could take failing much better than I could take not trying to make the most of my life.” At that time I was leaving a secure corporate job that was easy for me. Instead, I was going to try to make my way in the world accepting and sharing spiritual wisdom and growth. More than 40 years after making that decision I can tell you it’s been hard, painful, frustrating and the most rewarding thing I could have done with my life. I wouldn’t trade the experience along the way and the help I’ve been to myself and others for anything.

One of the many things I’ve learned is to have a life I’m happy with I must pursue a path I can commit all my energy and effort to. It’s the commitment of all my strength, intelligence, resources, time and courage that allows me, and everyone else, to succeed greatly; or even have a chance of succeeding greatly. It’s total commitment to a path that gives us the strength to get up and try again after repeated failure.

The greatest risk in life is NOT going after what is most important to us.

I wrote this now to encourage myself to keep trying despite difficult circumstances. I can’t remind myself too much, “I could take failing much more easily than I could take not trying”.

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