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A More Empowering Perspective

We all have a context or a perspective through which see life. For some it’s supporting a family. For others it’s having a certain career. For others it’s dealing wiith health issues. For many it’s a combinaiton of these and other perspectives.

For me, the most empowering perspective is to more fully acccept who and what I am. That includes accepting my thoughts and the life they create. It includes accepting more fully the peace I am, the wisdom I am and the love I am. The more I accept myself, the greter is my contribution not only to myself, to everyone else as well. Every year I gain greater insights into how more fully accepting myself results in benefits to others as well.

The more I accept myself, the more present and spontaneous I am. I’ve learned “my best self” is expressed when I’m centered, at peace, in the present moment and trusting my spontaniety. From this state/perspective, I am of maximum value to myself and everyone else.

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