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All Bullies Are Cowards

Every bully lacks introspection. Their denial of their own inherent power is painful. Unconsciously, they try to fill the void of denying their power by trying to exert power over and inflict pain on others.

Bullies live in fear of their denied feelings of weakness being exposed. That’s why they try so hard to be “strong men”. They try to build themselves up because they feel so small.

Bullies attract others who also deny their power.

The only way our need for power is ever satisfied is to have power over ourselves. When we accept our power over ourself, we have no need or desire to exert power over others.

To gain followers and support their own denial, bullies blame others for their problems. Taking personal responsibility is not important to them. They live in a constant state of anger and fear.

Bullies exist on school playgrounds, the leadership of countries and everywhere in between.

Bullies have chosen to live by tearing others down. They don’t understand that in hurting others, they are hurting themselves as well. They are always frustrated that beating others down doesn’t result in feeling better about themselves. Peace is unknown to them.

We need to be role models of accepting our power and using it to lift ourselves and others up. This maximizes the chances that bullies will see the error of their ways. We need to share how engaging in win win thinking and behavior improves our lives.

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