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Another step towards consciously experiencing we are ONE

If there is anything in the world we are not completely at peace with, it’s a sign we are projecting a part of ourself we are not at peace with. For example, I’m upset that a family member is struggling.

To expand my experience of being ONE, I need to find and accept the part of myself that is suffering in the same way as my family member. I can feel the hopelessness and frustration born out of the thought, “I don’t know what to do to get better.” The more I can accept the existence of that thought within me, the less power it has over me and my family member.

Even if I don’t say a word, the acceptance heals us both to some degree. I am more deeply anchored in the experience of peace which is part of experiencing being ONE with all there is. Simply experiencing greater peace in this way helps me and everyone else.

Accepting the existence of suffering and the thought that creates it, heals it. Acceptance is healing. The ultimate product of all healing is the conscious experience of being ONE with all that exists; everlasting peace, love and joy.

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