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Articulating our value

To be “comfortable” in our society we need to accept the value we offer at a level we can articulate to ourself and others.

For most of my life I’ve confused accepting and articulating my value with the thought I’m better than other people, and therefore should not do that. My practice of continually working to be more honest with myself has exposed this mistaken thinking. Finally, the pain and suffering this mistaken thinking has caused in my life is massive.

Continuing with my practice of being ever more honest with myself is the way to fix this. Step 1 is to realize some of the many opportunities I didn’t take advantage of because I didn’t think I was up to the task. I’ve passed on a number of extremely profitable real estate investments for example. There are a great number of sales I didn’t make because my denial of the thought that I wasn’t up to the task caused me to fail. Those sales would have dramatically improved my life. I accept the pain of lost opportunities. Step 2 is to recognize that even with this thinking impediment I’ve enjoyed a lot of success. Mostly that’s been made possible by adopting the thought “I owe it to myself to try” and the thought “I know I have the ability to achieve anything I’m inspired to do. All I need to do is tap into my potential”. Some of the time I’ve succeeded into tapping into my potential and sometimes not.

Moving forward, I am increasingly accepting of the thought I should not accept and use my power for fear it might make me think I’m better than others. The more I accept and choose not to act on the existence of that thought, the more free I am to accept and act on the thought that it’s in my best interest and everyone else’s to accept and use my talents for everyone’s benefit.

One of the most valuable attributes I have to share is the articulation of my spiritual growth. At the core, we all have the same goals and obstacles, valuing and accepting ourselves. Because example is the most powerful form of leadership, sharing my journey is of great value to others. I have the capacity to coach people to high levels of health and success by sharing my journey in a way uniquely tailored to what each client can accept and benefit from.

I’m not aware of any other coach who works through our common challenges in real time in a manner uniquely suited to the client.

As I accept the unique and valuable contribution I have to make in the world, I facilitate others accepting and exploiting their own unique value in a manner that benefits us all.

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