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Being ONE

The more we accept and align with what is true, the more energy, health, peace of mind, success and joy we experience. In fact, we can verify what is true by seeing if aligning with what we think is true creates more of all these good things in our life.

For me, the idea that I am ONE with all that exists results in me being more conscious of an inner glow and deep peace. There is relief. I find myself having the thought, “finally”. The idea that I am ONE with all that exists passes my “truth test”.

So, I find myself asking the question how do I transition from thinking of myself as being a separate person to thinking of myself as being ONE with all that exists. Once again, being present unlocks the door to all that is great and wonderful.

Being present results in me experiencing the flow, love, joy, happiness, self confidence, energy that I also experience thinking of myself as being ONE. In this state I don’t experience myself as being separate. Being One is to change my identity to BEING love, joy, peace, wisdom and all the other Devine qualities. Our true identity IS love, joy, peace, etc.

We naturally identify with and align with what is true. If in fact it is true that our actual identity is love, happiness, kindness etc, we will find ourselves increasingly accepting and relating to that truth.

We’ll see if and how being exposed to the idea that we are ONE, and what that means, grows within us.

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