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Changing deeply engrained patterns

It can take many repetitions to change a deeply engrained habit.

For my whole life I’ve lived largely with a “go along to get along” philosophy. Now, I realize to have more of the life I want I must trade that thinking in for the thought, “I owe it to myself and others to act on thoughts that benefit us all”. Sometimes, that includes telling people what to do. This is something I’ve thought was wrong and should be avoided my whole life up to now. AND, if it benefits everyone, I need to do it.

I am starting slowly, only acting on thoughts I’m certain will benefit everyone. Doing this is exposing a lot of fear. It’s also challenging myself to more fully accept my value and ability to discern and implement win/win solutions.

One exciting part of this change for me is it will enable to make a far more valuable contribution to the world. This has been important to me for most of my life.

I realize changing my thinking and behavior in this way is a big change and will require many repetitions before it becomes a comfortable habit. AND, each step along the way is uplifting.

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