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Creative Thinking

I maximize my creative thinking when I listen to myself more fully.

Recently, I’ve wanted to find new ways of marketing that resonate with me, that are uplifting to implement. I began with looking more closely at where I am now with my marketing. Upon inspection, I realize I am connecting with people through Facebook. Some people are resonating with my posts and are reaching out to me with a desire to connect deeper and more fully. Seeing this is true motivates me to continue with it.

Another idea that has popped into my mind is to listen to and respond to podcasts from others. This helps me appreciate more of the value I have to offer as I often have additional perspectives and information that I believe would be valuable to the podcast’s audience.

Most important of all to me is these ideas for additional marketing are imbued with peace. Accepting and experiencing deep peace and well being are my highest priorities. The fact that productive ideas come to me when I’m experiencing the peace and wholeness I am is an extra bonus. I’m not willing to abandon peace in an effort to “sell more”. Ultimately I believe sales and creativity will be maximized by being increasingly aware of the inherent peace and well being I am. It’s in that frame of mind I am most productively creative.

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