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Determining optimal spiritual growth steps

When we’re at peace, we’re growing optimally. When we’re at peace we are experiencing both the means and the ends of spiritual growth.

I remember falling in love when I was in college. As challenging as college was for me, I had a deep peace knowing I was doing the right thing with my life at that time. Even now, as I publicly share my spiritual growth journey, I am at peace as I continually break new ground.

At times when I’m stressed, I know I’m not putting sufficient focus on accepting the value I am right now. I know at those times I need to slow down and more fully and accurately articulate to myself where I am right now. That increased acceptance of where I am now, restores me to being aware of the peace I am.

When I’m at peace, I’m in the flow. I am inspired to speak and act optimally. Wisdom comes to my awareness effectively and optimally. Time stops. There is no self consciousness, only the bliss and happiness of being present.

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