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Our natural state is to be happy. In fact, we are always happy, just not always aware of it. To the extent we don’t experience happiness and love, we are expending effort to believe in thoughts that aren’t true.

When we accept the existence of thoughts that are not true, they lose their power to blind us to our inherent happiness. There are a number of thoughts that are very common that obscure happiness and love. Among them are, “I’m not good enough”, ”I don’t deserve to be happy”, and “I can’t do that”. All of these thoughts are false. We know we’re making progress in healing these “discovered” thoughts when accepting their existence, however false, makes room for more accurate thoughts. Those more accurate thoughts might include, “I can accomplish anything I am fully committed to”, “I deserve to be happy”, and “I am good and deserving”.

Because our thoughts have been with us for so long, most people have stopped questioning their validity. That’s why I offer thought coaching. It helps people recognize thoughts as thoughts that may or may not be true. With this awareness we get to choose which thoughts we act on and our life improves. We realize a freedom of choice we weren’t aware we had.

If you choose, you can schedule a no cost thought coaching session with me,

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