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Hope, persistence and belief in ourself

I’ve always felt I need a reason to live to continue to live.  There must be hope of achieving what is important to me to continue to persist.  Underneath all of that is the belief I have what it takes to achieve what is important to me.

For decades I’ve had a dream, hope, of advancing win/win thinking in the world.  If win/win thinking grows to the point that the majority of people in the world embrace and believe in win/win thinking, the world will dramatically change for the better.


Win/win thinking is one way we can grow in accepting and relating to the fact that we are al ONE.  We rise and fall together.  There is no sustainable benefit at the expense of others.

I have hope I can make a significant contribution to acceptance of win/win thinking in the world.  That hope fuels my repeated attempts to advance win/win thinking.  I believe there is a good enough chance of success to keep trying.

For information on thought coaching or to find links to my books, including “Transitioning from zero sum to win/win thinking” visit my website,



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