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Is win win practical and viable

Is win win practical and viable?

If we are all ONE, win win is viable.

If we are ONE, what we do to others we do to ourselves.  The great mystics throughout history have maintained we are ONE.

If we believe in “zero sum”, winning is defeating others.  It embraces the belief there is a fixed amount of what is valuable.  The more one person receives or creates, the less there is for others.

The question is, “what is winning?”  Is it lifting everyone up or defeating others?

I believe win win is both practical and viable.  I work with my clients to come to agreement on what is a fair price for my services.  I believe being fair is in everyone’s best interest.  Anything else creates guilt and resentment.

For win win to make sense we need to value love, happiness, compassion, peace, fulfillment etc.  We need to value doing our best.  This is different than having more than everyone else.


Win win thinking is applicable in every area of life including politics.  It is the opposite of mutually assured destruction. 

There is a win win solution to every problem.  We need only identify, communicate and implement it.

If you enjoyed this article, you may be interested in my book, “Transitioning from zero sum to win win thinking”.  It’s available on Amazon with a link to it on my web site,

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