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The more we accept ourself, the more others accept us as well.  Being an example of accepting ourself is the most powerful form of leadership.


Accepting ourself, listening to ourself, heals/removes obstacles to gaining practical access to our power, wisdom, talent and ability.  As our acceptance and ownership of our power and ability grow, so does our influence and impact on others.  Our example inspires others.  People want to experience the self confidence, resourcefulness, wisdom and influence they see in us.   They want to develop the qualities they see in us.  Example IS the most powerful form of leadership.


I teach others that expressing thoughts and behavior that spontaneously arise from a peaceful centered in the present moment is optimal behavior.  I point out past times when they’ve been in the present moment and how their inspired behavior was optimal in that moment.  Those moments occur everywhere.  They occur on the tennis court, in work meetings, in marriages, with friends, by ouself, everywhere.


Here are some examples.

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I was visiting a young man in jail.  I told him that getting angry was OK.  Acting on that anger isn’t.  If he didn’t develop the ability to choose not to act on his anger, he would be spending the rest of his life behind bars.  He still gets angry and more than 10 years later, he hasn’t been re arrested.

Normally, I’m not so blunt and forceful.  I allowed myself to trust and express what came to me in the present moment even though it’s not how I would normally act in the above situation.  It worked.

I hurt my back so badly I couldn’t walk without assistance.  As I focused on accepting the present, I had spontaneous tearful cathartic releases.  With each release the pain was less  and mobility greater.  Now I’m playing tennis 4 times a week without pain.

I was coaching a mother who was having a hard time connecting to her teenage daughter.  I suggested she preface her comments to her daughter by telling her she loved her and wanted the best for her.  The ensuing conversation went well.  I shared what I was inspired to share in the present moment.


There are examples applying this to leading employees, resolving marital disputes, even fixing IRS issues.  It has global utility.



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