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Loneliness is experienced by a great many people.  Loneliness and the denial of loneliness are responsible for a great many problems in society including; mental health, crime, physical health and more.

Like every other area, acceptance heals loneliness.  Paradoxically, the more we accept loneliness the more we feel connected to ourself and others.  Contrary to popular opinion, we are not dependent on others to heal loneliness.  Listening to and accepting ourselves more deeply gives us the sense of connection we crave.

Once we are no longer looking for others to heal our experience of loneliness, we are free to be more open with others and connect with them more deeply.  At that point we no longer fear being rejected by others because we’ve experienced that we have total control of how connected to ourself we are.  That experience of personal connection satisfies our need to be connected.

A great deal of the stress we experience can be traced back to loneliness.  Here’s an example of how this works and how to heal stress brought on by loneliness, regardless if the loneliness is conscious or not.

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Money is an area of stress for many people.  In many cases money problems are due to lack of acceptance of our own value and worth. 

Our lack of valuing and accepting ourself affects our behavior and is projected outward.  We sometimes have the thought, “no one appreciates me.  There isn’t a place for me in the world.”  We feel isolated and alone.  We feel people don’t “get us”. 

Paradoxically, the more we accept all that, the deeper peace we experience.  We experience more freedom because we’re not trying to tailor our speech and actions to get acceptance and connection from others.  That greater freedom and detachment allows us to act more effectively.  That more effective action may or may not solve the money stress, but it is emblematic of greater peace which in most cases is what we were hoping money would help us with in the first place.


Acceptance is healing.

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