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Making peace with money

I, like most people, have thoughts about money that are not accurate.

The thoughts I have about money that I choose to label as accurate include that money is a tool whose purpose is to help us lead the life we want. AND, the life we want is a life where our experience of love, happiness and peace are maximized.

The thoughts I have that I choose to believe are false are money creates security, peace and happiness. I’ve had a fair amount of money in life and while I’d rather have money than not, the money didn’t create the happiness, security and peace I thought it would.

I feel I need a certain amount of money to “live”.

A ask myself how do I make peace with money. My answer is accept what is true about it as accurately as I can. I believe I allow money to come into my life as an effect of accepting the value I am and have. Specifically, I am an example of accepting the strength and wisdom that exists within each of us. Some of that wisdom gets expressed in facilitating home loans (mortgage broker). Some of that wisdom is expressed in experiencing a greater peace and enjoyment of life by more fully accepting who and what we are (coaching).

Money is one of many effects of accepting and expressing our value in a manner that uplifts us all.

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