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Our chosen life perspective

I decided long ago the focus of my life was to grow spiritually. I believe that will give me the love I want to experience, the career success I want to have, the self esteem I crave and the contribution to the world I'm committed to make.

Some of the successful people I know have chosen as their life focus: supporting their family, or being the best person they can be, or devoting themselves to a cause that will benefit the world, or maximizing the experience of love in their life.

Whatever perspective we choose, it's valuable to be consciously aware of what perspective we are committed to. As I work through healing negative thinking through acceptance, sometimes the challenges and pain seem overwhelming. It's at those times I find it especially useful to be reminded of what I'm committed to. This gives me the the strength and resolve to not give up; the determination to work through the obstacles.

The more difficult things are, the more I focus on the thought "Acceptance is healing". The spiritual tools I've developed serve me well. They serve me primarily because I believe in them. This is an effect of knowing the perspective, spiritual growth in my case, that I'm committed to.

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