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We are responsible for what we think, say and do.  We are responsible for accepting our strengths, wisdom and abilities.  While we may be responsible for making the effort to influence other’s behavior, we are not responsible for other’s behavior.

Having said that, I am responsible for sharing solutions to problems as best and as effectively as I can.  For example, the solution to the war in Ukraine as well as other destructive behavior by autocrats, is to share that the only power that ever satisfies the need for power is power over ourselves.  When we have power over ourself, we no longer desire to have power over others.  Paradoxically, when we have power over ourselves, we inspire others to exert power over themselves.  With our example, we end up having greater influence than if we’d tried to control others.

The more we accept, resonate  and share the fact that the only power that satisfies the need for power is power over ourselves, the less people will look to satisfy the need for power outside of themselves.

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