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Taking ownership of our beliefs

Walking my talk continues to be a challenge. For decades I’ve been inspired to limit my actions to thoughts imbued with love, joy and peace. I’ve done a pretty good job of that, not perfect, but pretty good.

The next step for me is to increasingly trust that following this strategy is practical and will work in the physical world of bills, career, relationships and physical health. Thankfully, it’s working well in the area of physical health. It’s time for me to more fully accept one of my favorite thoughts, “Being myself is the only thing that could work.” Being myself means, at least in part, accepting that I create my world. I have created all that is good and all that is bad in my life, right now. I have created my relationships. I have created my businesses at the level they currently exist. I have created my finances. One of my strongly held beliefs is, “the most efficient way forward is to have a more complete and detailed acceptance of what is true right now”. What I believe to be true right now is I have been acting on my beliefs even though I have doubt that they will work out in the physical world.

Accepting the doubt that living my ideals will optimize all that is good in my life from every perspective is the way forward for me right now. The more I accept the doubt of my ideals working, the more faith I have they will continue to work better and better.

I wrote the book, “Believing in Ourself, the Master Skill” in support of my efforts to accept I do create my world and the more I accept and relate to the specifics of how this works, the more I create the world I consciously desire.

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