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The Inevitability of Growth

We are hardwired to minimize pain and maximize joy in our life.  As lost as we may feel at times as to how to do this, we can’t give up.  Even the desire to give up is based on the mistaken belief that giving up will relieve the suffering. 


Eventually we realize accepting what is true for us in the present moment is the way forward.  That acceptance opens us up to experience consciously the peace we are.  Through repeatedly accepting what is true for us in the present moment, we experience greater love, peace and joy.


The growth we experience as a result of acceptance enables us to improve every aspect of our life by…

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acting on thoughts that spontaneously arrive in our mind when we have greater acceptance.


For example:

In the current moment I am distressed because someone I care about is suffering. I accept I am experiencing some of their suffering as my own.  In that moment it occurs to me I don’t need to experience suffering in this situation, and in fact doing so doesn’t help anyone.  I realize I have a choice how I am going to view and respond to this situation.  I take a breath and find myself saying, “I’m sorry you’re in pain”.  I continue to focus on my breath to stay present in the moment.  I trust any thoughts or actions inspired in this peaceful centered state will be optimal for everyone.

I find peace in my belief I am responding optimally to the situation.


In this example I have grown in my capacity to choose how I respond to difficult situations.

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