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The real value of goal achievement

The value of achieving any goal is the growth required of us to succeed.  The reason we have the goals we do is because those goals will require us to grow in ways we need to in order to thrive.


I have long had a goal to have a positive global impact.  Part of the growth required of me to achieve that goal is to accept more fully that I am ONE with all there is.  Like most areas where we need growth, I don’t see the situation with perfect clarity.  If I did the goal would already be obtained.  What I do have is a methodology that works for me.  The more detail I have in accepting where I am right now, the more efficiently I move forward.


Right now, I accept the idea that I am ONE with all that exists.  I am still seeing myself as being separate tough.  I am able to increasingly relate to and identify with where  others are at.  This helps me feel more connected with them, and have more empathy with them.  This helps me experience more of the peace of being ONE.


I hope my example inspires you to identify what is important to you and the growth required of you to achieve that. 

Since our thoughts create our life, I offer "thought coaching" to help improve thinking. To set up an introductory session, contact me at

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