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The Value of relationships

Most of us think it’s important to have good relationships.The reason why we think that and how to create great relationships is often not fully understood.

Everything we think and do can be traced back to our desire to more fully accept and experience who we truly are.For example, all the love we could ever experience is the love we inherently are.All the self esteem we will ever experience comes from accepting and experiencing how magnificent we each are.Our relationships help us uncover and accept our qualities by giving us a chance to express them.For example, I experience the love I am when I express my care for my wife.

To me, it’s worth building relationships that support me in more fully accepting and experiencing myself.To do this I strive to be continually more open with people; continually more authentic in my relationships.I do my best to express the love I am through listening to and accepting my friends as they are; through expressing my wisdom when I’m inspired to do so in the moment; to experience deeper love through being kind.

Building great relationships makes my life better on every level.It creates loyal clients.Connecting deeply to people helps me experience deeper self confidence, peace and enjoyment.

Every relationship I have with anyone is a reflection of the relationship I have with myself.To have a better relationship with another, requires I have a better relationship with myself.I can only acknowledge and support another to the degree I acknowledge and support myself.This has led me repeatedly to understand the best thing I can do for myself and everyone else is to more fully accept myself.I work on accepting the thoughts in my mind. I work on taking ownership of the wisdom within me. I work on listening more closely to my body.I m always striving to be more honest with myself, more fully accepting of myself.

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