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The Will and the Mind


The will directs the mind. The mind directs perception and behavior.

It is an act of will when the will tells the mind to create and engage with thoughts and duality. The will directs the mind to create thoughts that in turn create circumstances so we can experience various aspects of our divinity such as, love, creativity, joy and compassion.

Understanding the roles played by the will and the mind is very helpful. When I view the circumstances of my life from the perspective that I’ve created those circumstances to help me more fully experience my divine qualities, I’ve empowered my self to live a better life.

Here three examples.

I’ve chosen to be self employed as a means to further accept that all I need to do to thrive at the highest level is to be myself. Being honest, straight and fair with myself is reflected in being that way with clients. Clients value that I deliver what I promise. They are comfortable with and trusting of me because they can sense I am being open, honest and fair with them. I know to make bigger and bigger sales requires me to be more accepting of myself. Only that greater self acceptance will generate the strength, confidence and wisdom needed to make ever larger sales. It is my will that I accept the value I am in ever greater measure.

I have created a marriage to help me accept that I am ONE with all that exists. When I feel and express the love I have for my wife, I no longer feel separate or alone. I feel deeply connected to and part of her. I experience her happiness and joy as my own happiness and joy. I see her challenges as my challenges. As I’ve learned to experience being ONE with my wife, I’ve been able to expand that experience of being ONE to the larger society. I see the world as a reflection of my efforts to be at peace as a product of more fully accepting what is true right now. This has given me greater focus on the thought that the best thing I can do for myself, everyone else and society is to work on myself. To me, working on myself means being increasingly honest with and accepting of myself. At the direction of my will, my mind has created relationships through which I can experience being ONE with all there is.

My will has directed my mind to create a meditation practice for the purpose of accepting the wisdom I am. Within each of us resides the answers to all our questions, the solutions to all our problems. I willed my mind to create a meditation practice so I could experience peace and have access to solutions and answers to my questions.

The more I understand and relate to how and why I’ve created the life I have, the more empowered I am to create the life I consciously desire. You too.

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