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Trusting Being Present

We’ve all had times when we were in the “zone”.My understanding of that is I am aware of being present and completely uninhibited at those times.Of course, I want to maximize the wonderful effectiveness, joy and love I experience when I’m aware of being present.

I have a sales meeting today.My strategy to maximize the best possible outcome of the meeting is to be present and listen if that’s what comes.My experience is I say the perfect things, the perfect way when I’m consciously experiencing being present.This is the opposite of trying to create a predetermined outcome, or stick rigidly to a plan for the meeting.On many meetings I have a plan going in and am always ready to abandon the plan if inspiration in the present moment arises to go in a different direction.

To help myself to be aware of being present, in the “zone” I sometimes focus on being aware of my breathing.Sometimes I focus on being totally at peace.Sometimes, I experience love.I go with whatever I’m inspired to experience in the present moment.

I’ve found my performance is optimized by allowing myself to experience and express without inhibitions whatever comes to me when I’m in a peaceful present centered state.

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