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Trusting Our Self


The more we trust ourself, the better we do.

Most of us have some level of self doubt that works against trusting ourself. Accepting self doubt heals it.  We realize there is a choice.  Either we trust ourself and act on that trust, or we give up, or we choose to trust others.  I’ve used the phrase, “I owe it to myself to give myself a chance” to tip the scales is favor of trusting myself.

We need to trust ourself in deciding if we’re going to trust others.  Some are worthy of being trusted and some are not.

Here’s an example I hope will inspire you.

(for more go to “Blog” at www.

I am inspired to change the dominant thinking in the world from zero sum to win win thinking.  As you might imagine, there is considerable self doubt associated with this.  However, I do whole heartedly believe I, and everyone else as well, have the ability to achieve our inspired dreams.  I know I have the capacity to succeed at this.


Every attempt I make at moving forward in the accomplishment of this goal increases my belief in my self, my happiness and my peace of mind.

I find myself learning and growing, getting stronger, with each effort to advance win win thinking.  I find myself increasingly relating to being ONE with all there is.  I find myself increasingly inspired as to actions I can take to move forward in the achievement of my dream.


I see my dream being realized a little bit at a time.  With each bit of progress, my faith in myself and my capacity to achieve my dream grows stronger.


Trust that within you is the capacity to achieve your dreams.  Believe in yourself.

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