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Why Focus on Being ONE?

Accepting and experiencing being ONE with all that exists is the only way to end suffering and live in eternal love, joy and peace.

There is stress and disease in maintaining any belief or thought that isn’t true.  The idea that we exist as only separate individuals isn’t true, and therefore creates stress.

We actually experience being ONE, free of self consciousness, quite a bit.  Whenever we’re in the zone, experiencing empathy, love, joy or peace; we’re experiencing what it is to be ONE.

Some of the ideas that describe being ONE that are not widely accepted are:

What I do to anyone, I also do to myself because we are ONE

I create my experience of the world in each instant

Time only exists to the extent I create it

I am ONE with everyone and everything, including God.

Shifting our identity from being separate to being ONE, for me at least, is a process.  I look to increasingly take ownership of what I know to be true.  I act on thoughts imbued with love, joy and peace.  I focus on being present.  I try to see myself in others.

As we do what we cant to experience being ONE, which we always are, we experience greater freedom, power, love, energy and well being.  This is what self realization is.

(PS.   Einstein, Jesus and every mystic worth their salt have recognized we are ONE.  It’s the oldest and most enduring idea that exists.)

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